Trekking tour

We conduct trekking tours in Dagestan from Makhachkala for small groups of trained tourists. For a comfortable and safe trip, you must have at least basic tracking training. Call us to inquire about the possibility of participation.

If you understand the specifics of a trekking tour, know how to dress and what to take with you, and also have sufficient physical condition, then you can safely book a tour. We will provide you with everything you need, accompany you with talented and always friendly guides, arrange transfers, accommodation and meals, and take care of your safety.

7 days

Route length

Total length of the walking route: 40 km

1 day

You will have a walking tour of the Sarykum barchan and ascent to the unique observation deck of the Sulak canyon, from where a stunning view of the azure waters of the majestic mountain river opens. We will also take a boat trip along the Chirkei reservoir, and end the day with a rest at a cozy hostel.

By the way, the barchan Sarykum in Dagestan is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in Eurasia. It was here that the shooting of the legendary Soviet film "The White Sun of the Desert" took place, and more than 170 species of animals live here, many of which are included in the Red Book of Russia.

Departure from Makhachkala to Gunib

Excursion to the Sarykum barkhan

Visit to a unique observation deck at the top of the canyon, where an incredible view of the azure bends of the Sulak River opens up

Departure to the village. Dubki


Lunch at Cafe Hadum


Descent to the waters of the Chirkei reservoir and a boat trip

Departure to the upper Genic

Accommodation in a cozy hostel "Eagle's Nest"

2 day

Walking route length: 10 km

On the second day, the longest route is planned - we will cover about 10 km along the Gunib plateau. However, it is difficult to imagine trekking tours to Dagestan without this route. We will get to know the places in which each stone has witnessed the greatest stories of exploits and battles. We will pass through the Shamil Gate - an arch that Emperor Alexander II ordered to be named so as a sign of respect for the courage and wisdom of Imam Shamil.

Then we will visit the legendary Gunib Fortress, in which from August 9 to 25, 1859 one of the bloodiest battles of the Caucasian War took place. Then we will follow the path of the emperor, go through the Tsarsky tunnel and at the end of the path climb Mount Mayak to admire the majestic scenery of the Saddle Mountain.

We move on a trekking route along the Gunib plateau

Inspection of Shamil's Gate, Gunib Fortress

The path in the footsteps of the Emperor to the Royal road

Lunch with a field kitchen overlooking the Gunib plateau

Climbing to the top of Mount Mayak. Relaxation, enjoying the scenery of Saddle Mountain

Return to base



3 day

Walking route length: 5 km

We have to go up and visit the ghost village of Gamsutl, which is more than 2 thousand years old. Once this village, located at an altitude of more than 1.5 thousand meters, was inhabited, back in the middle of the twentieth century life was in full swing here. But time took its toll and in 2015 the last permanent resident of the village of Gamsutl died.

Nevertheless, we will be able to enjoy the mysterious and at the same time beautiful views, stroll through the streets of the ghost village and find many interesting artifacts.

Departure to the foot of the Gamsutl village

Climbing to the aul Gamsutl

Exploring the ruins, taking beautiful pictures, relaxing

Moving to Dakhadayevsky district

Check in to the guest house




4 day

Walking route length:  6 km

Another abandoned, but insanely interesting place awaits us - the village-fortress of Kala-Koreish, once the capital of the Kaitag utsmiystvo. Its history is shrouded in many legends and legends - the guide will surely tell you about them.

Not every excursion in Dagestan includes the opportunity to visit the fortress. We will walk along its streets, see the oldest mosque in Russia (founded in the 9th century), the mausoleum of sheikhs and an old cemetery with the oldest burials.

Departure by car to the starting point of the tracking route

The path to the abandoned fortress village of Kala-Koreish

Inspection of the oldest mosque on the territory of Russia (IX century), the mausoleum of local rulers

Return to the car and departure for lunch to Majalis

Lunch at a cafe


Departure to Derbent

Check in at the hotel and dinner at the restaurant

5 day

Walking route length: 2.5 km

Traveling to Dagestan without climbing a mountain peak is just a tourist walk. But we have prepared a special program for those who, has long wanted to test their strength and get a decent reward in the form of the strongest emotions.

Trekking tours to Dagestan for the weekend according to our program include climbing the sacred mountain Shalbuzdag, the top of which is located at an altitude of 4142 meters above sea level. On the fifth day we will start our ascent, get to the resting place and arrange a place to sleep in the mountains.

Departure by car to the village of Miskindzha

Lunch at a mosque near the village of Miskindzha

Walking to the place of the overnight stay

Cooking dinner, setting up camp

6 day

Length of the walking route: 9 km.

We continue our ascent and ascend to the Zam Zam glacial lake for stunning views and crystal clear waters. Do not hesitate, climbing will make your vacation in Dagestan special. A sea of ​​emotions, unique pictures and an amazing sense of unity with nature are guaranteed to everyone!

After contemplating the beauty of the mountain peak, we will begin our descent. By the way, how are your shoes? We remind you that trekking tours in Dagestan from Makhachkala are recommended only for tourists with a minimum of an initial level of training.

Breakfast at the tent camp

Climbing Shalbuzdag to the Zam-Zam glacial lake

We take unique pictures against the background of mountain peaks, meadows, drink the most delicious coffee and eat the most delicious bagel overlooking the lake surrounded by mountains

Return to the tent camp and descent to the car

Lunch at the mosque

Return to Derbent

7 day

Walking route length: 6 km

We continue our jeep tour in Dagestan and head towards the ancient pre-Arab citadel of Naryn-Kala. Do not be surprised if you meet archaeologists here: excavations are still underway on the territory of the fortress. Recall that Naryn-Kala is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After walking through the ancient fortress, we will walk through the unusual Magals of Derbent, we will take a tour of the city. Important: we are never in a hurry and do not strive to complete the entire route as quickly as possible. We always give tourists the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the places in which they are.

Departure by car to the Naryn-Kala fortress

Excursion to the Naryn-Kala fortress and descent to the city

Walking through the old Magals of Derbent, listening to an educational tour of the city


Return to Makhachkala

Tour cost
65 000 ₽
Additional expenses

Trekking boots, Trekking poles, Backpack (30-80 l.), Raincoat, Flashlight, Warm jacket, comfortable hiking clothes,, Extras, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hats (warm hat / cap), Slippers for the base camp, Essential Medicines, Power bank.

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