The pearl of Dagestan

3 days


In a comfortable hotel with three meals a day and transfer services.

1 day

Visit the monument unique natural, barkhan Sarykum. The majestic o views the mountains and gorges are you enjoy the Sulak canyon observation deck.

Arrival at Uytash airport Makhachkala

Departure towards the Sulak canyon

Lunch at the trout farm


Observation deck overlooking the Sulak canyon in the village of Dubki

Photo session with a view of the dam Chirkei reservoir


Trip on motor boat to the Chirkeyskaya reservoir


Check in at the Sarykum Business hotel and Spa

Dinner at the Sarykum Business hotel and Spa

2 day

On the second day, you will go to the Village of Kubachi, learn how the artisans and goldsmiths of the Middle Ages lived, and learn the basics of juvenile farming. On the way, you will turn into of the most interesting and unforgettable places: the medieval capital of a large feudal possession - the Kaitag utsmiystvo, which today is a maze of ancient buildings descending from the top of the mountain to terraces, also a restored museum and the tomb of the Kaitag utsmiy.

Breakfast at Sarykum Business Hotel and Spa

Departure to the village of Kubachi

Arrival in the famous village of goldsmiths Kubachi

Visit to the ancient watchtower Akaila kala

Master class in jewelry making




Stop and hike to the ruins of the Kala Koreish fortress

Transfer to Derbent


3 day

You will get as close to the culture and life of the Caucasus as possible by walking through the ancient mangala, learning to dance the lezginka at a master class, also visiting the most wonderful sights.

Breakfast at the hotel Scarlet Sails

Excursion to the pride of Derbent-the ancient fortress of Naryn-Kala

Visit to the Maiden bath, Juma mosque, walk through the old quarters-magalam



Tour of the Museum of Four Religions, Bestuzhev-Marlinsky House and Peter 1 House-Museum

Excursion Derbent Wine Company

Airport transfer

Tour cost
30 000 ₽
Included in the price

guided excursions, tickets to museums, 3 meals a day, photos, videos, comfortable hotel, transfer and a lot of emotions.

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