Imagine walking through the ancient streets of the village, where every stone is a whole story, and every house is a real museum. And you meet dawn in a picturesque meadow, you see how the first rays of the sun paint the giant mountains in golden pink colors. On the same day, on the seashore, savor young wine and taste Dagestan cuisine: kebabs from a young goat, dolma from juicy lamb, delicious and varied khinkal.

Such emotions will not give you either Italy, France, or any other country. You will receive them on a trip to ancient and hospitable Dagestan from Caspian Travel Company.

5 days


In a comfortable hotel, with 3 meals a day and transfer services

1 day

Enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains and gorges on the observation area of Sulak сanyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world and the deepest in Europe. Its depth reaches 1920 meters, and the length is 53 kilometers.

Arrival at Uytash Airport (Makhachkala)

Departure towards Sulak canyon

Lunch at the trout farm


Observation area overlooking the Sulak canyon in the village of Dubki

Photo shoot overlooking the dam of the Chirkey hydroelectric station

Boat ride through the Chirkey reservoir


Hotel check-in Sarykum Business Hotel and Spa

Dinner at Sarykum Business Hotel and Spa

2 day

You will visit the unique natural monument, the Sarykum barkhan, which is the largest in Europe and Asia and covers an area of ​ ​ 175 hectares. The highest point of the barkhan is fixed at an altitude of 252 m above sea level. Barkhan is part of the Dagestan reserve and is protected by the state.

Be inspired by the mountain landscapes and the architectural ensemble of the cultural and historical complex "Akhulgo," built on the site of one of the fiercest battles of the army of Imam Shamil with the tsarist troops.

Breakfast at the hotel Sarykum Business Hotel and Spa

Excursion to Sarykum barkhan



Excursion to Cultural and Historical Complex of Akhulgo

Departure to Gunib with stops on the road for a photo shoot at the watchtower near the village Gimry, on observation area with views of the Irganay and Gunib hydroelectric power stations

Residence at Eagle's Nest Hotel

Dinner at Eagle's Nest Hotel

3 day

Visit the historical memorial - Tsarskaya Polyana, learn about the milestones of the Caucasian war in the historical museum of the village of Gunib. Visit Shamil's Gazebo and see the defensive wall of Gunib fortress. Plunge into the history of the ruins of the ancient ghost aul Gamsutl.

Breakfast at Eagle's Nest Hotel

Visit to the historical museum of Gunib

Excursion to upper Gunib (to the Gazebo and the Gate of Shamil, Tsar's Polyana)

Lunch at Eagle's Nest Hotel

Departure from the village of Gunib and hiking to the ancient abandoned ghost aul Gamsutl

Departure to Derbent and accommodation in the hotel Scarlet Sails

Dinner at the hotel hotel Scarlet Sails

4 day

The village of Kubachi. Learn how craftsmen and goldsmiths of the Middle Ages lived, learn the basics of jewelry.

What will remain with you after the trip? Five days in the Caucasus are five "things" that you will take with you forever.

The first is a beautiful feeling, because you will breathe fresh mountain air, sleep tight and rest fully. The second is new impressions and emotions thanks to the national cuisine, interesting excursions and magnificent views. The third is warm memories of ancient cities and virgin nature, which will definitely want to "revive," repeating the holiday next year. The fourth is bright photos and eclectic souvenirs that will definitely cause envy and delight in the eyes of your friends. The fifth is new knowledge about the history, monuments and culture of a distant corner of your homeland.

Breakfast at hotel Scarlet Sails

Departure to the village of Kubachi


Arrival in the famous village of goldsmiths Kubachi

Visit the ancient watchtower Akaila kala

Jewelry Master Class




Stop and foot climb to the ruins of Kala-Koreish fortress

Transfer to Derbent


Dinner at the hotel Scarlet Sails

5 day

The fifth day of the tour will open the ancient history of the Naryn-Kala fortress, which has protected Derbent from the invasion of nomads for thousands of years. It was here that part of the famous Silk Road passed. You will immerse yourself in the history of the "crossroads of civilizations" and make sure that Alexander the Great, Tamerlan, Seljuk Turks, Nadirshah and other great conquerors fought fiercely in order to seize the citadel Naryn-Kala.

After an interesting excursion into the history of Dagestan, you will plunge into the life and culture of the people who inhabited it, visiting an ancient mosque, where dozens of Muslims still gather daily. Explore the items used by Derbent inhabitants in the Middle Ages thanks to the exposition of the maiden bath «Kyzlar-hamam». Unforgettable emotions in the piggy bank of sensations will add magals with eclectic architecture and good-natured residents, ready to tell the most interesting details about the history of their city.

Let most of the listed "things" be intangible and it is impossible to evaluate them in money. But you can buy a tour to Dagestan, which will give them to you absolutely free.

Breakfast at Scarlet Sails Hotel

A tour of the pride of Derbent - the ancient fortress of Naryn-Kala

Visit to the Maiden Bath, Juma mosque, walks in old neighbourhoods - magalas



Inspection of the Museum "Carpet and Decorative and Applied Arts", the Museum of Four Religions, the House of Bestuzhev-Marlinsky and the House-Museum of Peter 1

Excursion to Derbent Wine Company

Transfer to the airport

Tour cost
Included in the price

guided excursions, tickets to museums, 3 meals a day, photos, videos, comfortable hotel, transfer and a lot of emotions.

Additional expenses

Flight to Makhachkala.

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