We conduct tours to Dagestan along unique routes, helping travelers immerse themselves in the culture and history of the region. You will be able to visit the best sights that have become "visiting cards" of the North Caucasus - the Sarykum dune, Sulak canyon, Tobot waterfall and Gamsutl ghost aul.

Well, what an excursion to Dagestan is without a trip to Gunib - you can immerse yourself in the history of the bloody Caucasian war, visit iconic battle sites, listen to fascinating stories from a guide and see the most valuable historical artifacts with your own eyes.

5 days


2/5 (no need for special physical training, changing locations during the route, walking excursions. Constant movement, without changing modes of transport, access to each location)

1 day

We will visit the main attractions - "business cards" of Dagestan

From Makhachkala we head towards the Sulak canyon, on the way we will have an excursion to the Sarykum barkhan. It is the largest dune in Europe, one of the largest in Eurasia. There are a thousand reasons to visit Sarykum in Dagestan, but the main one is the magnificent landscapes that are not typical for most of the territory of Russia.

Walking along the dune will be replaced by an ascent to the observation deck in the upper part of the Sulak canyon. Here we will have stunning views of the mountains and the rapid river with sparkling azure waters. Then we will go to the Chirkei reservoir, where we will make an unforgettable boat trip, and after it we will climb to another observation deck with a beautiful panoramic view.

Departure from Makhachkala towards the Sulak canyon

Visiting Sarykum barkhan

Observation deck at the top of the canyon

Boat trip

Lunch in the peach garden

Visit to the observation deck with a panoramic view of the Chirkeyskaya HPP

2 day

A fascinating trip to the iconic places of the Khunzakh region awaits us

Weekend tours to Dagestan are rarely complete without visiting the Tobot waterfall, which is one of the highest in Russia. But the Karadakh gorge, which is popularly nicknamed the "Gate of Miracles", is less visited by tourists. We decided not to deprive you of the pleasure of visiting each of these attractions. First, we will go to the waterfall, and then we will go through the "Gate of Wonders", where the path will be surrounded by walls of high rocks going into the sky.

You will experience something similar during your trip to the “Stone Bowl”, which is divided by rocks into several “rooms”. Here you can truly enjoy the greatness of the mountains, the beauty and amazing wisdom of the Caucasian nature.

Breakfast in the hotel

Visit to the waterfall - Tobot and Karadakh gorge "Gate of Miracles"

Lunch in the Khunzakh village

Walk to the stone bowl

Dinner at the hotel

3 day

"Who has not been to Gunib, he has not been to Dagestan"

We do not break traditions and go to Gunib, for the sake of which many traveler’s book tours in Dagestan from Makhachkala. Here we will admire the landscapes, visit the famous Gunib Fortress, see Shamil's gates and many sights, plunge into the history of the Caucasian War through the stories of a talented guide.

The second part of the day we will devote to the ghost aul Gamsutl, to which we will climb along the winding, but incredibly picturesque mountain paths. Here we will see the ruins of an ancient settlement, find many artifacts and even be able Togo to some houses. This is a real open-air museum. Unfortunately, abandoned by its keepers...

We will spend the evening on the Kegersky plateau, from where a stunning view of the evening Gunib opens up. Beautiful landscapes, delicious dinner, amazingly clean air, pleasant company and a lot of impressions every day - all this is about a vacation in Dagestan with Caspian Travel.


Breakfast in the hotel

Visiting historical sights and monuments of the Gunibsky region.

Observation deck at the top of the canyon

Inspection of the Gunib Fortress, Shamil's Gate

Visit to the Gunib Museum of History and Local Lore

Ascent to the ghost aul Gamsutl


Evening on the Kegersky plateau with a view of the evening Gunib

4 day

"Water through the rocks" - a visit to the wonderful Saltinsky waterfall

It is difficult to imagine a trip to Dagestan without visiting the Saltinsky waterfall. We will pass through a narrow gorge, and an amazing picture will open before us: right through the rocks, from a great height, a huge stream of water rushes down, which crashes against the stones with a noise. It is impossible to describe in words - it is worth seeing the Saltinsky waterfall once to preserve forever the memories of an amazing picture, a true miracle of nature.

And now it's time to brag: we offer tours to Dagestan, which allow you not only to take a quick look at the sights, but also to immerse yourself in the history, traditions, and culture of the region. That is why we will have a pottery master class in the village of Balkhar, as well as a luxurious evening with national cuisine and dances.

Breakfast in the hotel

Visit to the Saltinsky waterfall

Pottery workshop in the village of Balkhar

Lunch at the guest house

Departure to Dakhadayevsky district

Accommodation in a guest house

Evening with national cuisine and dancing

5 day

Famous goldsmiths and a walk in ancient Derbent

Jeep tour to Dagestan almost always ends with a visit to one of the most picturesque and ancient cities of Dagestan - Derbent. Here we will walk through the ancient Magals and visit the majestic pre-Arab citadel of Naryn-Kala, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

But before that, we will take a look at Kubachi - a world-famous village where goldsmiths, masters of forging precious metals live and work. Until today, they preserve centuries-old traditions and create real masterpieces. We will see many of these creations during a visit to the Kubachinsky art plant.

Breakfast at the guest house

Departure to the villages of goldsmiths - Kubachi

Visit to Kubachinsky

Art combine

Arrival to Derbent


Excursion to the ancient fortress Naryn-Kala


Walk through the ancient Magals

Return to Makhachkala

Tour cost
45 000 ₽
Included in the price

Meeting in Makhachkala on the start day, Transfer by jeep, Guide work, 3 meals a day + coffee / tea with treats, Accommodation in guest houses / tourist base throughout the tour, Boat trip.

Additional expenses

Air and railway tickets to Makhachkala and back, ersonal expenses (souvenirs, personal purchases), Accommodation before and after the tour.

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