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Jeep tour

Jeep tour in Dagestan is a unique opportunity to visit the most important monuments of history and culture, see the most beautiful places of the Country of Mountains, and visit many museums and ancient villages in one trip.

We have created a route that simply cannot be covered on foot in 7 or even 30 days of travel. These are concentrated emotions and impressions, the most interesting in comfortable trips in modern jeeps. Of course, accompanied by talented guides.

You will have an excursion around the Sarykum dune, a visit to the ghost village of Gamsutl, the sights of Gunib and the Akhtyn fortress. There are also many viewpoints, gorges and waterfalls, open-air monuments and even UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We will alternate jeep trips with hikes, picnics and boat trips. We will stay in the best guest houses and hotels in Dagestan, along the way we will get acquainted with the cultural traditions of the region and will be able to fully appreciate the hospitality of local residents.

7 days


In a comfortable hotel, guest houses, with 3 meals a day and transfer services

1 day

We start tours in Dagestan from Makhachkala, agreeing in advance about the start time. On the first day, we will visit the sights that have remained the "calling cards" of the region for centuries. We will walk along the largest dune in Europe Sarykum, visit the observation deck at the top of the Sulak canyon. Then we will have a boat trip along the azure waters of the Chirkei reservoir and a visit to another observation deck, which offers stunning views of the Chirkei hydroelectric power station.

By the way, the dune Sarykum in Dagestan is not only a natural monument, but also the filming location of the legendary film "The White Sun of the Desert".

Departure from Makhachkala towards the Sulak canyon

Visiting Sarykum barchan

Observation deck at the top of the canyon

Boat trip

Lunch in the peach garden

Visit to the observation deck with a panoramic view of the Chirkeyskaya HPP

2 day

We continue our journey across Dagestan with a trip to the Gunibsky district. It was on its territory that the most important battles of the Caucasian War took place. We have to visit the Gunib Fortress, pass through the Shamil's gate, listen to interesting stories from the guide and get acquainted with the monuments that witnessed feats, amazing courage and events that changed the course of history.

After a rich excursion program, we will visit the Tobot waterfall and the "Gate of Miracles" - the famous Karadakh gorge. We will also visit the Stone Bowl, which is so often missed by tourists simply because this place is not on most maps.

Breakfast in the hotel

Visiting historical sights and monuments of the Gunibsky region.

Observation deck at the top of the canyon

Inspection of the Gunib Fortress, Shamil's Gate

Visit to the waterfall - Tobot and Karadakh gorge "Gate of Miracles"

Lunch in the Khunzakh village

Walk to the stone bowl

Dinner at the hotel

3 day

A visit to the Gunib Museum is a popular excursion in Dagestan. We abandon templates and boring viewing of exhibitions, turning them into a fascinating acquaintance with the most ancient artifacts. After visiting the museum, we will go to the ghost aul Gamsutl, where we will walk through the streets of the ancient village, get acquainted with its history and enjoy the mystical spirit of houses abandoned by people. We will end the day with a visit to the Saltinsky waterfall, without which it has long been difficult to imagine a full-fledged rest in Dagestan.

Breakfast in the hotel

Visit to the Gunib Museum of History and Local Lore

Ascent to the ghost aul Gamsutl

Visit to the Saltinsky waterfall

Pottery workshop in the village of Balkhar

Departure to Dakhadayevsky district

Accommodation in a guest house

Evening with national cuisine and dancing

4 day

We will visit two places that are significant for Dagestan at once. First, we will go to Kubachi - the villages of world famous goldsmiths. It is here that the Kubachinsky Artistic Combine is located, where unique forged products from precious metals are created. And then we will plunge headlong into antiquity, going to the ancient village of Kala-Koreish. We will walk through the labyrinth of ancient buildings, see the tomb of the rulers of the Kaitag utsmiystvo, and take a lot of impressive photos.

Breakfast at the guest house

Departure to the villages of goldsmiths – Kubachi

Visit to the abandoned fortress village of Kala-Koreish

Departure to Derbent

Dinner and accommodation at the hotel

5 day

We will visit the Akhtyn Fortress, founded in 1839 by General E.A. Golovin and which was of key importance for the troops of the Russian Empire in the Caucasian War. Not all walking tours to Dagestan involve visiting it because of its remoteness, but nothing will prevent us from getting to the southernmost fortress in Russia, getting acquainted with its amazing history and learning from the guide about the most interesting moments of the assault on Akhtyn and the heroic salvation of the garrison in 1848.

Departure towards the village of Akhty

Visiting Akhtyn baths, Akhtyn fortress

Departure to the place of residence, check-in


6 day

Have you ever thought that a weekend tour to Dagestan will allow you to visit dozens of historical and natural monuments? The next point of our route is the national park and the Samur forest, the path from which will lead us directly to the coast of the Caspian Sea. We will have a picnic on the beach, after which we will return to Derbent and go on a tour of the local sparkling wine factory.

Departure towards the relict Samur forest

Walk in a picturesque national park

Descent to the coast of the Caspian Sea

Picture on the beach

Return to Derbent

Tour of the Derbent Sparkling Wine Factory

Dinner and check in at the hotel

7 day

We are used to completing tours of Dagestan from Makhachkala on a positive note. On the last day we will get acquainted with Derbent - the most ancient city, which abounds in sights and historical monuments. We will have a walk through the ancient Magals, a visit to the Naryn-Kala fortress and other major sights of the city. Rest assured that the last day of the tour will be as busy as the previous ones

Acquaintance with the most ancient city - Derbent

Walk through the ancient Magals.

Visiting Naryn-Kala Fortress, Maiden Baths, Juma Mosque, museums of carpet and four religions


Return to Makhachkala

Tour cost
60 000 ₽
Included in the price

Guided tours, tickets to museums and events, 3 meals a day, photo, hotel, guest houses, transfer and a lot of emotions.

Additional expenses

Flight to Makhachkala.

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