Design on the dagger

Beautiful Dagestan is famous not only its hospitality, wonderfully nature and purest mountain air.

The artisan traditions have been honed for centuries of various folk craft here, from carpet weaving, and the smelting of jewelry to gold making and pottery.

We invite you to the author's thematic tour "Design on the dagger". You will see the wonders the nature of the Dakhadayevsky district, for 3 days of travel, also familiarize with real Masters who have made different types of crafts, the work of thir lives.

3 days


In a comfortable hotel, guest houses, with three meals a day and transfer services.

1 day

Surprises begin on the first day of our journey. We will go on an excursion to the Sulak canyon-the deepest in Europe and one of the deepest on the planet, immediately after the hotel accommodation and lunch. The depth reaches 1920 meter one of the main natural wonder of Dagestan visited by thousands of tourists’ total length is more than 50 kilometers.

The next destination of barkhan Sarykum, without exaggeration, a real paradox of nature. Scientists are still arguing about the origin of a huge accumulation of loose sand, for unknown reasons, formed in the middle of the steppe just 30 km from Makhachkala. By the way, Sarykum is the largest dune in Eurasia and second largest dune in the world, second only after the Big Erg in the Sahara.

Meeting and transfer from the airport: 

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Accommodation in Sarykum Hotel Business Hotel and Spa

Excursion to the dune Sarikum

Excursion to Sulak canyon.


Return to the hotel Sarykum business Hotel and Spa


Spa, steam room, swimming pool.

2 day

The 2-day program is fully devoted to the handicrafts of Dagestan and starts in the mountain village of armourers in Harbuk a huge open-air forge. The skills and methods of metalworking have been perfected   here for centuries, and firearms have become a real hallmark of local craftsmen.

You can still meet a woman in the Harbuk is one of the few places where among the blacksmiths, the adoptees of grandmothers and mothers, who at one time replaced the men who went to the front at the anvil.

Let's go village Kisha, from Harbuk famous master - chugurists and zurnachi (chugur and zurna traditional musical instrument of Dagestanis) create their masterpieces

Besides Kashin residents have been knam for decades and hardworking grain millers of animal husbandry.


Departure to Harbuk

Master class in blacksmithing at the entrance to the village

Excursion the village

Museum of Weapons in the House of Culture

Lunch at the Blacksmiths woman Zhavgar

Master class on jewelry engraving from Zavgar

Departure from the village of Harbuk to the village of Kisha

Museum gymnasium village Kisha, master class from the futurist Musa Musayev.


Excursion in the village: old minaret, watch tower

Departure to the village of Urkarakh.

Accommodation in a guest house with. Urkarach

Dinna and participation in the preparation of the national dish «shabshi»

Perfomance of the national ensemble of the zurnachs and a master class in dance.

3 day

Our craft tour will continue in the village of Kubachi, which has long been a center of gravity for tourists. The main craft of the Kubachin people.

Creation of precious metals is the main craft of the Kubachin people of almost any artistic products from weapons to juvenile. Ornaments of household utensils, lavishly decorated with skillful engraving.

The villagers themselves have professional secrets that have been kept in secretly for decades by each family. And here they embroider beautiful white shawls and knit wool socks.


Departure to the village of Kubachi

Inspection of the Kubachi battle tower, the museum, a master class in Kaza embroidery (gold patterns on a scarf)е

Excursion of the old part

Jewelry store

Departure from the village of Kubachi to the guest house at the spring at the fork in Kala-Koreish

Lunch at the guest house

Excursion to Kala-Koreysh, mosque, graves of the rulers of the Kaitag Utsmiystvo

Mountain herb tea in a clearing with national sweet

Departure to Makhachkala


Airport transfer

Tour cost
30 000 ₽
Included in the price

guided excursions, tickets to museums, 3 meals a day, photos, videos, comfortable hotel, transfer and a lot of emotions.

Additional expenses

Flight to Makhachkala.

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